Walk to Wayno's Wednesday

Based on your shared feedback and questions (listed below), we are taking action:

1) Where can i expect Wayno’s on a regular basis? 2) Why does STL not have dedicated areas for food trucks? 3) Why doesn’t Wayno’s sponsor their own gatherings? 4) We need better food in Overland. Please help us residents! 5) When will you start delivering? (MiRunnerUSA app coming soon)

That said, as of April 10th, 2019, we introduce a new FB group, WWW – Walk to Wayno’s Wednesdays, an event hosted from 5-8pm on our field at Wayno PLAZA each Wednesday for a weekly food truck offering; 2331 Lackland Rd in Overland, MO 63114.

Looking for an excuse to:

1) Support small business & the 1st reoccuring food truck hotspot in STL, 2) Enjoy delicious food, 3) Put your steps in and exercise, 4) Get the kids out of the house, 5) Enjoy the quite neighborhood and walk the dog 

What better way than to Walk to Wayno’s Wednesday for tacos each week (full menu also offered)

Bring a lawn chair / Blanket and use our field to spread out with your own yard games, tunes or family / friends. We also have plenty of parking if you choose to drive!

MiRunnerUSA App – Delivery Services will soon be offered!

Taco Bar – Coming Soon to Wayno Plaza – days/hours still TBD.