Wayno Plaza

Are you having trouble finding enough space to host your own event at an AFFORDABLE PRICE …. Much less the perfect caterer that sparks the interests of ALL your guests?

Why not hire us for catering and host your outside event on our 1 acre field at Wayno PLAZA for FREE within the quiet community of Overland, MO?

We also partner with a local non-profit if your demands require indoor seating.

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Wayno Plaza 
2331 Lackland Rd
Overland, MO 63114

Click here for Wayno Plaza, Tenant Application!

Home of : 

-Wayno’s Mobile International Cuisine (food truck catering; Taco Bar coming soon)

-1500 Sqf Retail space currently available

-Martial Arts / Judo Training & Competitions (all ages)

-Hair Designs by Us (Hair Salon / Stylist)