Wayno’s Mobile International Cuisine

Now with 2 trucks our popularity and client base is growing everyday!!!

Member of the Saint Louis Food Truck Association since 2014

Why choose Wayno’s ?

We value & commit to customer service so you feel inspired to recommend Wayno’s to your network of family, friends, & colleagues. We invite you to request menu changes and provide feedback anytime!!

Our purpose & # 1 goal is to bring International Cuisine to our customers on the go. Our niche allows you to step out of your comfort zone & explore your distinctive palate. This, complimented with a vigorous theme surrounding Cheese, hopes to have you running back for more!!!

 We continuously strive to evolve and meet the interests of you, our customers, and introduce new dishes on a regular basis.

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Wayno’s – Mobile International Cuisine at https://www.facebook.com/WaynoSTL

*All Prices include Sales tax and any credit/debt card convenience charges, including American Express!!